For centuries, people tried to fashion substitutes for lost teeth from a variety of materials: ivory, gold, even stone. In the early 1900s, Dr. Simon Myerson, a young practicing dentist in Boston and a teacher at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine by day, toiled at night to create artificial teeth that would simulate the appearance of natural teeth.
Dr. Myerson founded the Myerson Tooth Corporation
in 1917 to bring his creations to the world of
dentistry. joined later in business by his three
sons - Alvan, Richard, and Martin - the
Myerson family brought about important
advances in prosthetic dentistry.

Myerson first.

True-Kusp flat plane posterior tooth dramatically
reduced wear when porcelain teeth were
opposed to plastic teeth.

True-Blend was the first artificial tooth with a layer of transparent enamel, simulating the appearance of a natural tooth more closely than any artificial tooth ever had before.

Durablend was the first cross-linked co-polymer resin tooth, ushering in a new era in prosthetic materials with its wear resistant properties.

Remaining true to this rich heritage, Myerson continues to bring new, innovative products to the dental industry, including EMA® and EMA First Step™ for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, as well DuraFlex™ partials. Contact your Myerson representative today for all your dental product needs.